Daniel Dunietz

This response will be a cumulative reflection on the course, and it stems from a question that this class has incubated profoundly in my mind: Is war inseparable from the human experience or is it something that we as an intelligent, sentient species have the capacity to eliminate from our consciousness?

As a person goes through life, they will encounter conflict and argument. In fact, almost every novel is grounded in some conflict. However, almost every human doctrine that ever existed has included “Do not Murder” in its creed, and there is not a single country in which the slaughter and killing of civilians is institutionalized (I am aware of exceptions), and yet humans continue to find themselves at war. It became clear to me that the course, English 122, assumes the inevitability of war. The lessons in the course encompassed how to represent war, and never was the question asked, “can war be eliminated?”. In order for me to remain optimistic I must believe that we are capable of eliminating the phenomenon of murder. Through technology, I believe we are capable of preventing future wars. While De Landa speculated on the destructive nature of the evolution of technology, I speculate on the profound effects technology has had in solving our greatest problems and mysteries. While technology has been used in mass effect to propagate war and streamline slaughter, my belief is that eventually those uses will grow obsolete, resulting in a global community that respects sentient life. English 122NW put my optimism to the test, and the lesson’s I learned regarding the capacity for humans to kill and destroy were invaluable. The question remains: Can we end war?


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